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Zimbabwe Case Study

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In 2016, Zimbabwe suffered a devastating drought. This dried the three hydro-electric dams which powered the country. In order to forestall an emergency, Aggreko were asked to quickly provide 200, 1MW generators and associated infrastructure. The resulting power plant prevented rolling brownouts in Harare and the surrounding area, and enabled the country to grow and prosper.

We provided two crews – one in Harare and one in the powerplant, to capture the successful operation, documenting Aggreko’s ability to quickly respond to an emergency and ensure power stayed on for an entire country. Also, to further develop their brand we focused on the difference the Aggreko makes to the surrounding communities, including hospitals and schools.

When you work with an agency you need to know that they know their stuff, invest passionately into your projects and can be trusted to get the job done beyond your expectations. To me, Shoot You fill all the criteria.
– Global Brand Manager - Aggreko