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HP 3D animation

Showing the durability of HP data cartridges

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HPE test the durability, strength and reliability of their data cartridges in extreme and original conditions around the world. In this animation, we came up with an innovative concept – toppling dominoes in multiple terrains – to test these qualities.

Each element was modelled in 3D – from dinosaurs, to a perfect Saturn 5 rocket. Mount Everest was the most complex environment to re-produce, as we were challenged with making cartridges topple uphill. 250,000 individual cartridges were incorporated into this animation and we used a physics programme to accurately mimic how real dominoes would hit and affect each other.

Shoot You have worked with HPE for the past ten years. Their animation and video productions have been a central plank of our global sales, training, and development. Superb service and great fun to work with.
– Global Marketing & Sales Director – HPE