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VEGA Digital Awards 2021

Understand Your Anger

‘Anger' was produced as part of a child mental health initiative. The animation provides a way for healthcare professionals to introduce the idea of some underlying roots of anger, rather than simply acting them out. And then to explore those in a safe setting.

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Hermes Creative Awards 2021


The FDI approached us to create this fun and vibrant stop motion animation to promote World Oral Health Day. They were looking for creative and dynamic approach to promote the multiple messages that were key to the campaign.

Animation was ultimately selected as the right medium, as it allowed us to bring together a disparate group of concepts and showcase them in a consistent way. It also allows for ease of translation so the end result could be shared internationally.

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VEGA Digital Awards 2021

Anthropocene Era

This 2021 VEGA Award winning production was produced for the UN and is a call to arms for political, corporate or any individual action that will mitigate the pernicious effects of our impact on the climate.

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MUSE Creative Awards 2020 – Gold

European Commission – CoVE Animation

Produced on behalf of the European Commission, this challenging animation was tasked to provide an overview of the Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) philosophy and demonstrate how it works. We selected an isometric style to allow the buildings to rise vertically and create space for the onscreen text. The video was used to promote an online event and has already clocked up thousands of views.

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VEGA Digital Awards 2020

Honeywell VR500

This video won twice at the VEGA Digital Awards 2020, achieving recognition in both the Information and Technology categories.

Produced for the launch of Honeywell's new product, the VR500, it was a cinematic production which saw the assembly process captured in slow motion, allowing for close ups of some of its more intricate details.

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NYX Video Awards 2020

European Commission Undeclared Work Animation

Created for the European Commission, this animation won silver at the NYX awards - for both it's beautiful design and it's clever concept. We decided upon a concept that linked the two audiences (employers and workers) – ‘a lack of sleep’. And through this restlessness tackled the various challenges of undeclared work to subtly encourage both audiences to change their behaviours.

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MUSE Creative Awards 2020 - Platinum & Gold

HPE Ransomware

A double win for this explosive film for HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)! We came up with a dramatic visual metaphor to highlight the devastating effects of ransomware: filming ink permeating a tank of water, culminating in a massive explosion. One of our favourite shoot days in the studio, complete with an explosives expert and a Phantom Flex, shooting 1000 fps.

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MUSE Creative Gold Award 2020

Willis Towers Watson

Using the analogy of a healthy meal, we created an understandable explanation of how Willis Towers form rewarding investment portfolios for their clients. We used a mixture of 2D and 3D animation to bring the story to life with a clear and approachable voice over and music track. The client was thrilled and looks like the judges liked it too.

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Hermes Creative Awards 2020

Honeywell - Connected logistics journey

2019 was a year of many successful Honeywell animation and film projects, so it was great news when this project won an award in early 2020. In order to bring to life Honeywell's end-to-end supply chain capability, we integrated animation with filmed footage, shot in range of international locations. Combining these two mediums allowed us to show off the real-world scale of Honeywell’s operations as well as explaining in detail the journey from A to Z and all points inbetween.

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AVA Film Awards 2020 - Platinum

HPE animation - 100 million

Celebrations all round! First HPE gave us an award for helping them in marketing as they hit 100 million LTO data cartridges sold worldwide. Then we were asked to create an animation to promote this milestone and in the process picked up this AVA Films Platinum award. The company’s 20-year journey is represented by two young boys, as they venture through different landscapes, making discoveries and overcoming obstacles along the way. As the stars light up in the sky, their quest for greatness becomes closer, until they witness the aurora borealis, the ultimate dream. It was a joy to create and we were thrilled to win this AVA award.

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Rhode Island International Film Festival

Co-production on the short film 'Blank Shores'

The Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF), has secured its place in the global community as the portal for the best in international independent cinema, earning the respect of domestic and foreign filmmakers, filmgoers and trend watchers. 'Blank Shores' picked up Best Screenplay in the Vortex / Horror / Sci-Fi section. The writer, Alex Kyrou, went on to direct the film with the BFI and Shoot You involved in the co-production.

SME Award

Website of the Year

After launching our new website early in 2019 it was great to have it shortlisted in the SME National Business Awards! A great night to celebrate our achievements. Re-branding to keep in line with our growing company was a great step and set us off on a year of many other awards as well as expansion into New York and Amsterdam.

Brand Film Festival 2019

AdderLink Infinity

Adder wanted to take their sales and marketing initiatives online and so commissioned Shoot You to develop an animation style for their brand. The first of many animations for Adder and a great project to work on. It was the icing on the cake to win this award.

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