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The Anthropocene Age

The role of animation in the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene era brings both a climate and humanitarian crisis for our planet. Clear communication is key in order to educate the population and enact change, but the complexity of the Anthropogenic age and its consequences are hard to capture in just one medium alone. A list of statistics by itself cannot make people comprehend […]

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Why Produce Professional Content?

A look into the professionalism behind social media posts

With social commerce growing in importance, brands need to create a strong presence on social media platforms to stay current and grow exponentially. However, as brands move to social media, there is a tendency to believe that in order to fit in with its informal and relaxed setting, professionalism should take a backseat. Casual posting […]

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The Perfect Animation

A guide to animation success

Creating an animation can be daunting. To ensure that your time is managed effectively, that your animation team work with cohesiveness, and that your client is presented with an animation they’ll love, following this five-step process is key. Script The first step of the animation process is to create a clear and concise script. This […]

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Travel Through Drawings with Mental Canvas

A New Way to Create Video and Animation

Have you ever looked at a painting and wished you could jump inside – explore beyond the bounds of what the image displays? With Mental Canvas, there’s no wondering what’s to the left of a drawing, what’s above, or what’s behind that wall over there. With mental canvas, you can jump right in and see. […]

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Lights, Camera, Cook!

Our kitchen studio continues to be used for all types of productions

Our kitchen studio has never been busier with celebrity actors, singers and even MasterChef winners gracing us with their presence.   We’ve had the pleasure of working on a whole range of different productions including ITV’s ‘Living On The Veg’, food science with Tim Spector’s ‘Gut Health’ and a whole variety of sales promos for […]

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The Changing Face of Commercials

Increasingly we’re being asked by our clients to produce bespoke commercials, utilizing new advertising mediums such as social media to really make messages pop

Video and animation have become the central plank of many companies’ sales and marketing strategy, becoming a vital tool to effectively communicate a brand’s message. However, unlike the days of old, much of the video content that is produced is made for social media channels such as Instagram and LinkedIn. So, you’d be forgiven for […]

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Our European Office: Two Years On!

Autumn marks the second year since we set up our European office, here’s what we’ve been up to so far

Sitting right within the heart of the bustling city of Amsterdam, our European office has grown from strength to strength as we’ve taken on new challenges; ever expanding our horizons. We already have the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients both new and old, producing magnificent work within the financial, health and […]

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The Future of Learning is Hybrid

Rebuild your working week with a range of e-learning tools

The Covid pandemic has completely shifted our view on work. With 83% of people now stating a hybrid model is optimal (Accenture), it’s clear that we can’t carry on with our old structure of work and learning, we need to build anew. But with more people working from home, how do we ensure that there’s […]

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Growing in the Green Economy

Plant the seeds of sustainability, and both your company and planet will reap the benefits

A green economy is one that works with nature, not against it. It is one that protects biodiversity, fosters sustainability, is fair and just, and sets to improve the lives of all people. Senior figures like Mark Carney have identified 3 key drivers that need to be implemented to transform the green economy: 1. Within […]

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Why the Mind Works With Animation

Our brain loves animation, and here's why

It’s expressive, it’s nostalgic, and sparks creativity in us all. Animation is a powerful tool for communication, with the ability to speak to both adults and children in a deeply profound and emotional way.

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How to Succeed in the E-commerce Marketing Race?

With social commerce set to dominate how brands choose to market themselves, we discuss how animation could help you stand out from the crowd

With 6 billion of us now owning a smart phone (Statista 2021), and the average person spending 2.4 hours a day on social media (Statista 2021) , global e-commerce sales are only continuing to rise. More and more people are shopping through social media, so you need to get your brand onto the platforms people […]

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Using E-Brochures to Elevate Your Brand

Invite your audience to learn more about your brand with a digital booklet

E-brochures are the digital version of a brochure. Where paper brochures have their limitations, e-brochures bring innovation with a range of exciting, interactive capabilities.

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Becoming a B Corp

Placing ESG at the heart of what we do

Here at Shoot You HQ we are really excited to share the news that we are currently applying to become a Certified B Corporation. What does this mean? Well for those that are, as yet, unfamiliar with The B Corp accreditation, it’s given to businesses that meet the highest standard of verified social and environmental […]

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Spring clean your communications

Top 5 tips

As we head into a new quarter, it’s a great time to have a spring clean and think about what you can do to enhance your communication methods. 1. Let’s switch it up, try something different! Marketing requires innovation. Trying to stand out on existing platforms as well new ones (Tik Tok, Club house etc) […]

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The 4 C’s of Content

How Covid 19 is shaping 2021 Comms

A recent report by Hubspot & Talkwater highlighted a number of social media trends to be aware of for the coming year. One of these is what has been deemed as the 4 C’s of Covid 19 Content   Community, Contactless, Cleanliness and Compassion.  These four areas were identified within the report as having been driven […]

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ESG Policies

What, Why, Where and When

What If an ESG Policy is not something currently on your radar as a business then chances are it very soon will be. ESG is the acronym for Environmental and Social and Governance and essentially an ESG policy outlines a company’s commitment to sustainability and societal impact. The “E” mainly focuses on how the organisation […]

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Getting Animated

We take a look at the 3D Creation Suite, Blender

Businesses have been increasingly turning to animation throughout the past few years to help deliver their key messages. From HR policies and training to product launches and social, its place within the communication mix is well and truly cemented. But how does an initial concept go from words within a brief to fully formed 3D […]

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Thinking outside the box

How uploading in grids on Instagram can help you stand out

According to a recent article by Hootsuite, of its 1 Billion+ Worldwide users, 81% use Instagram to research products and services, with 50% clicking through to a website afterwards to make a purchase. For a platform that has only been going just over 10 years, that is a pretty big reach and as the numbers […]

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Linkedin: What’s the score?

A look at how to get the most from the networking platform

Linkedin has been one of the areas to witness huge growth throughout the past year, spurred on, in part, by the lack of business networking opportunities offline. This growth only serves as a further reminder of its importance within a corporate communications strategy Shoot You Marketing Director, Quint Boa, has been looking into ways that […]

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7 Straight-forward steps to creating an animation

From outlining objectives to audio-mixing, we take a look at the process

Animation as a marketing tool saw tremendous growth throughout 2020, in part this was because it offered a safe and versatile alternative to navigating the filming restrictions imposed by Covid-19. However, it is also because as a medium it offers a unique and refreshing way to bring alive subjects that are too big (think solar […]

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Trends for 2021 that may impact video and animation

Marketing Director Quint Boa shares his predictions for the year ahead.

To say that 2020 has been a disastrous year would be an understatement. As COVID-19 struck every corner of the world indiscriminately, we found ourselves distancing from each other until physical proximity no longer feels ‘normal’. What this has meant for businesses is a complete change in direction when it comes to communication. Face-to-face is […]

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Bringing events online with video and animation

From Conferences to Christmas Parties, we’re helping clients bring these crucial networking events to life.

As with many industries, 2020 has required the world of video production to be both versatile and innovative to ensure work could still go on. One such example of this is our partnership with clients to bring their events online, demand for which has predictably been increasing in the approach to Christmas. Just last week […]

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Top 5 tips for turning video calls into re-useable content

We share our tricks to help ensure your call is production ready

With video conferencing part of our working life for some time to come, we are seeing more and more enquiries asking for assistance to turn a potentially lacklustre zoom into a fully-fledged video production. Whilst no substitute for the annual Christmas get together or spring summit, video conferencing can prove to be an extremely cost […]

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European shoots resume and we’re loving being back!

We’ve had a busy few months filming new video productions for the European Commission

After the pause earlier this year, it was such a relief when we were permitted to resume filming once again, subject of course to stringent new COVID procedures. We have been producing video & animation for the European Commission for a number of years now and are always proud to play a part in their […]

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We’re celebrating two more award wins

The team scooped two Vega Centauri Awards for their work on Honeywell VR500

Recognising digital innovation, the Vega Digital Awards sees agencies from around the globe compete across a number of hotly fought categories.  Given the high standard of entries we were thrilled when news came in that we had won two Awards for our Honeywell VR500 video, after it had been entered into both the Technology and […]

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Our first US TV Ad is on its way!

We’re excited to be working on a brand-new toy commercial.

Shoot You launched in the US back in September 2019, setting up office in Brooklyn New York. Just 11 months on and not only have we grown the team but we are really excited to have also landed our first TV advert. The live action commercial was commissioned for the launch of a great new […]

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Returning to the workplace

Companies turning to video to communicate new health and safety procedures

As the country eases gradually out of Lockdown, we are starting to see requests come in for explainer videos to demonstrate new health and safety procedures. Voice over led ‘Return To Work’ videos are particularly effective because they can quickly and simply show the new policies and are easy to distribute to both employees and […]

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Shoot You: 5 great animations from now…

A look at some of the beautiful animations that we're proud to have recently produced

One of the biggest changes to take place during our 20 years is the growth in animation. When we first started out it was still very much in its infancy but the tools and techniques have advanced substantially and it has since become a very popular option for clients. As we always say, animation is […]

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Shoot You: 5 great video productions from now…

We revisit some of our favourite recent projects

As well as taking the time to reflect on some of our early work, our 20 year Anniversary has also allowed us to celebrate how far we’ve come. Here we take a look at just 5 of our more recent standout video productions, which we have been privileged to produce for some incredible clients. HPE […]

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Shoot You: Top 5 video productions from then…

A look back at our early work.

As we take time to reflect on the last 20 years we thought it would be nice to pull out some of our favourite projects from the early days. At a time when corporate video was still very much in its infancy, we are really proud of how we pushed the boundaries of creativity and […]

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Shoot You Celebrates 20 Years

We sit down with our co-founder, Quint Boa, to take a look at the journey to date

In the beginning… “We seem to have spent our whole lives becoming an overnight sensation!” Shoot You was established in 2000 when our two founders Quint Boa and Matt Giles (who at the time were BBC Top of the Pops cameramen), saw a gap in the market for affordable corporate video. The breakthrough moment had […]

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New Europass videos break Shoot You records!

We were delighted to have supported the online launch of the brand new website.

Europass unveiled its brand new website on Wednesday which helps people from across Europe to take the next step, whether through learning or work. Established in 2004 to help learners capture and communicate their learning experiences,  they decided it was the right time to modernise their offering and bring new digital resources to their audience. […]

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Campaign in the spotlight

It was revealed recently that up to one in ten of us have paid for work that is undeclared. As part of the EU4FairWork campaign, Shoot You were tasked with producing an animation to showcase the pitfalls of undeclared work for both employees and employers alike. We are really proud to be able to share […]

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Filming restrictions lifted

The DCMS has confirmed that video production within the UK is permitted to restart

Some positive news for the UK film industry was received last week when it was announced that video production is permitted to restart providing all involved abide by social distancing guidelines. The DCMS has since gone on to publish full Covid-19 secure guidelines alongside results from an industry wide consultation re filming protocols and insurance […]

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An Englishman in New York

New York CEO Matt Wright shares his experience of moving Stateside

People describe New York City in many ways, you can not deny, it is a crazy city. It truly is the city that never sleeps, and I love it. I had always dreamed of living in New York since I was a child and I never thought it would actually become a reality. In September […]

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MUSE Creative Awards

Shoot You celebrate three wins - a Platinum and two Golds!

We are delighted to announce three award wins for the Shoot You team. We took home a Platinum and two Golds at the international MUSE Creative Awards. For a producer here at Shoot You, client satisfaction is always top of our priority list and ultimately what makes us tick but recognition by our peers is […]

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The best ‘at home’ microphones

Our MD, Quint Boa gives his recommendations

A common question I have been asked recently is what microphone should I use for recording podcasts and user generated content when WFH? Podcasts are everywhere up 24% year on year (‘Ofcom’ 2019) and keynote speeches are often delivered by C-suite execs from under their duvet in the bedroom, apparently. Is it possible to sound […]

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